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dinsdag 2 oktober 2012

Back from Portugal.

After a nice time in Portugal I'm glad to be home again. We visited two Palaces. I like to share them with you all. Maybe you can use some parts for your dollhouse.

The first one we visited was The National Palace of Sintra.
It was built in 1147. The current form is the result of successive building programmes carried out by several monarchs. (1261-1325) (1357-1433) (1469-1521)

This is the entrance of the Palace. The outside doesn't tell what it's hiding inside.

The interior has collections of furniture, painting, ceramics and textiles that date from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century, most of which  were formerly part of the royal family's collection.

You enter the Swans Room.

The ceiling is covered with Swans.

This room had a wonderful floor. The length of the slipper is 25 cm.

King Sebastiao's Room

In the Arab Room the used early sixteenth-century tiles. They mixed styles.

The Coat-of-Arms Room. The wall covered with Azulejos. This are typical Portuguese tiles that were painted by hand.

The ceiling.

The chapel.

And some pictures from the 600 years old kitchen.

Reading the guide I saw a side for a virtual tour through the Palace. 

The next Palace we visited was The Palacio de Queluz.
Established in 1654. Around 1760 they used a French architect. Almost everything burned down in a fire in 1934. It's rebuild.
The rooms are decorated with gilded carving and canvases. The taste in Portugal during the second half of the eighteenth century and early nineteenth century was moving from the rococo to the neo-classical.

The Throne Room.

The main altar in the Chapel.

Toilet room with toilet seats.

We had a nice time at Estoril from where we visited these nice Palaces.

12 opmerkingen:

  1. Wow Dorien, wat prachtige paleizen en zoveel geweldig mooie foto`s,
    Zo te zien had je een prachtige vacantie:)

    Lieve groetjes Mieke

  2. Klopt Mieke. De leukste ontdekking was toen we thuis kwamen en de virtuele tour ontdekte.
    Hier kunnen we nog nagenieten.

  3. wow, great architecture! I love all the tilework, the wood inlayed floors and especially those royal toilets! Thank you for sharing.

  4. Dear Troy,
    Thanks for your comment. The royal toilets are amazing !!! A chair with a pot in it. I'm glad I'm not the butler/servant of the royals !...;-)
    Greetings Dorien

  5. Welcome back Dorien,
    What amazing pictures. I'm so glad you got to visit such enchanting palaces. Some of your pictures are so inspirational...more ideas, yay!
    Big hug,

    1. Dear Giac,
      When you like more inspiration you should make the visual tour through the palaces but I don't know whether that site is visual in Canada.
      Big hug Dorien

  6. Dorien, what a great experience! Thank you for sharing. Mini hugs, Natalia

    1. Dear Natalia,
      Portugal has some amazing Palaces. You have to rent a car and travel through the country. It's so nice over there and the people are very kind and helpful. We don't speak a word Portuguese but the people are so patient they try to help you out even by hand and feet.
      Big hug Dorien.

  7. Hoi Dorien, mooie foto's hoor van die paleizen.
    Antwoord op je vraag hoe groot het trekpaardje is:Het paardje is 2,5cm lang en hoog en het houtje waar hij op staat is 4cm lang.Je kan eigenlijk elk soort klein diertje gebruiken. Ik heb er ook een tijd geleden een gemaakt mat een houten eendje die ik op de rommelmarkt gevonden had.

  8. Hallo Dorien, bedankt voor het volgen van mijn blog. Ik had wat moeite met het vinden van het jouwe (=blogspot probleem, komt vaker voor).
    Bedankt voor het delen van deze prachtige foto's van je vakantie.
    Groetjes, Ilona

  9. Welkom Ilona. Leuk dat je volger bent geworden. Op dit moment ben ik niet zo actief maar hoop snel de draad weer op te pakken.
    Groetjes Dorien.

  10. Hallo Dorien, Ik heb jouw blog gevonden via Ilona's blog. Mooie fotos van jullie vakantie, sommige lijken wel van miniaturen, vooral de laatste van de toilet stoelen!

    Groetjes, Idske