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Hierbij wil ik Petra bedanken want dankzij haar geweldige site,, ben ik met de bouw van mijn poppenhuis begonnen.

Thanks to Petra. Without her nice site,, I would never been started with my doll house.

Ik probeer de dingen die ik maak zo goed mogelijk te omschrijven maar er kunnen soms typefoutjes in de tekst staan dus controleer van te voren even of het allemaal klopt.

The thing I create I put on my blog. Although I try to make no mistakes it's possible that something went wrong so please check before you make a copy.

zondag 26 augustus 2012

I'm still in paper pottery .....

It's still not perfect but it's allowed to stay in the doll house when that's ready. The bowl is perfect but the jug needs some improvement. 

The copy gel and the copy of the roses are beneath a sheet of wet kitchen paper.

How to work with copy gel you can read in an older post. Now I glued the copy gel to the paper jug and bowl with that same copy gel. When it's dried well, I put nail polish on the jug and bowl.

As you can see the bowl is perfect. To avoid seeing the ugly bottom of the jug, I glued the jug into the bowl so it's hidden.

On these small items you see every mistake you make and when you make a picture with your nose almost in the bowl you even get more critical.

Because of the nice weather in the Netherlands I did try to make a copper kettle from paper also. I think I should practice more with the paper.

I glued two of these bowls together with wood glue. I made two smaller rolls of paper. One for the lid and one for the spout.

I didn't use the met 54 but the Hembrol met 12.

From paper I cut two small pieces to fix the handle of the kettle. On top of the lid I put a small bead. The color of the bead doesn't matter because you'll paint the whole kettle copper.

For the handle I used copper binding wire that's used by florists. And a bead. this bead I painted white.

Here you can see my weakness. The handle is a bit longer on the right side. The spout needs some work also. So to be continued. It so much fun to make these little things. You don't need much material and working space. Only lots of sanding paper and PATIENCE.

Enjoy your week and play with paper !!!

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    1. Gracias Carmen. Tiene algo hecho?
      Sorry for my poor Spanish. I used Google translate because I don't speak Spanish.
      Hugs Dorien.

  2. Reacties
    1. Thanks Debbie. But I think they still can better. So I'm gonna give it a try again someday.
      Hugs Dorien.

  3. Hello Dorien,
    It's amazing what you have accomplished with paper. They have a wonderful hand crafted quality to them and they look lovely.
    Well done my friend,
    Big hug

    1. Thank you Giac for your kind words. And they still look to much hand crafted. So I have to sand the paper a little longer for a better quality. I'm making roses out of paper at the moment because I was tired of all that sanding. Next item will be the making of a rose out of paper.
      Au revoir mon ami....That's a long time ago I used the French language.
      Hugs Dorien.

  4. Well done for having a go! The kettle is a good idea and I like the "china" handle. The overall effect is very good.

  5. Thank you Irene. The China handle is a bead that I've painted. But I put on the nail gloss to soon so that's what I still have to learn patient.

  6. Hoi Dorien,wat prachtige spullen maak je van papier, dat lijkt me ook niet echt makkelijk :)
    De baby heb ik van huidkleurige fimo gemaakt, het hoofd en het onderste gedeelte van de armpjes.
    Die heb ik aan pijpenragers vast gezet, en zo kan je ze ook nog bewegen.

    Lieve groetjes Mieke

  7. Hoi Mieke,
    Werken met papier is gemakkelijker dan werken met Fimo. Ik vind gezichten maken sowieso moeilijk maar dan ook nog van een baby....ZUCHT !! 1:12 is toch bijna niet te doen.
    Groetjes Dorien

  8. Es increíble que se pueda hacer con papel, fantástico :)

  9. Knap Dorien.
    En ik vind die onderkant helemaal niet mislukt!

  10. This technique looks great, I've seen it before but never tried. You have done a great job with this!