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Hierbij wil ik Petra bedanken want dankzij haar geweldige site,, ben ik met de bouw van mijn poppenhuis begonnen.

Thanks to Petra. Without her nice site,, I would never been started with my doll house.

Ik probeer de dingen die ik maak zo goed mogelijk te omschrijven maar er kunnen soms typefoutjes in de tekst staan dus controleer van te voren even of het allemaal klopt.

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dinsdag 31 maart 2015

How to make a colander 1:12.

First a welcome to my new followers.

I follow the blog from Carmen. She pointed out how to make a colander.
It's very simple.
This is her blog:

I had buttons but I didn't know what to do with them until I read her blog. Then I asked my husband what she used on the bottom of the colander. It's a bead ring to countersink screws.

Left is the button. I only used the top of the button. 

You use a metal marble. From a ball-bearing.

Put the marble inside the top of the button. Place them inside the vise. And gently turn the jaws of the vise together. Maybe it does not work well the first time but if you try again with different sizes of the marble and ring it will be a success.

Then glue the button on the bead ring.

Form handles from silver wire. Glue them also on the button.

Carmen painted the colander. I don't because I think this fits perfectly in a Victorian dollhouse.

Next item is a sieve. But I can't find the water saver from the tap. It's somewhere in the many boxes.
I think it's easier to demolish a tap then search my hobby room.