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Hierbij wil ik Petra bedanken want dankzij haar geweldige site,, ben ik met de bouw van mijn poppenhuis begonnen.

Thanks to Petra. Without her nice site,, I would never been started with my doll house.

Ik probeer de dingen die ik maak zo goed mogelijk te omschrijven maar er kunnen soms typefoutjes in de tekst staan dus controleer van te voren even of het allemaal klopt.

The thing I create I put on my blog. Although I try to make no mistakes it's possible that something went wrong so please check before you make a copy.

donderdag 22 december 2011

How to cut the veneer on correct size.

When you need a lot of pieces of veneer in the same length it's easy to use this self made thing. It's adjustable.

On this wooden board we place the cutter.

Then you put the veneer on the cutter and cut it on the right length.

This way you can cut a lot of veneer. 

donderdag 15 december 2011

Louvre parquet floor 1:12 still goes on.

Start in the middle of the square.

Cut the veneer that makes it easier when you want to work at the parquet.

Still a long way to go.

donderdag 8 december 2011

Continuation of the parquet floor.

Each square takes one hour to make it.

Start in the middle of the square. That gives the nicest results.

With this sciccors it's easy to cut bevel.


We made a cut in the cardboard where the stair is placed. So we glue the floor around that area. When we didn't do that then the wall was placed upon the cardboard and the walls and ceiling didn't fit anymore.
We glue the floor on cardboard because we want to put electricity in the dollhouse and so we can put the wiring beneath the cardboard. It's also easier to work this way because you can put the cardboard anywhere you want.

When you work  this way you get a nice floor even in the edges. 

Will be continued and when you have a question or tip...we love to hear it.

dinsdag 6 december 2011

The parquet floor

The beginning of the parquet floor is started.

The first parts of veneer are glued down on the cardboard. First we glue the border and then we fill it in from the middle to the border.
This is the best way to do.
I'll put pictures of the progress on my blog.

At the moment I can regroup my hobby space. Everything was put into boxes because my son had his birthday party in this part of the house. So all my hobby stuff had to be stored in the bedroom. Now I can take all my materials and tools out of the boxes and start with my hobby again.I didn't produce much lately but I hope that's going to change now.  First I'm going to unpack.