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maandag 30 september 2013

Pewter casting next episode.

It amazes me that people are interested in my experiments and tampering.
First a warm welcome to my new followers and my excuses for the blog owners which I do follow.
I've read your blogs but couldn't find the energy to comment.

Here some updates about what I'm doing. First I spend a lot of time searching my mold for pewter casting. Then I realized I did throw that away because I made some mistakes in the mold.
I decided to make a mold just for the experiment.

I make a line in the plaster piece so I can break it into little pieces. For my experiment I need two pieces of plaster.

In the front you see a locking pliers next a clamp and then the white piece is the mold with two little red clamps. The red clamps compresses the mold together.
I used the locking pliers and clamp just for safety during the casting job. I don't like hot pewter on my hands or fingers.

Heating the top of the "saucepan".

The pewter is melted. I heated the top of the "saucepan" because when the top is cooled down your pewter cools down during casting process.

You only need a little amount of pewter but during the casting process it did overflow. Leave it there till it's cooled down.

DRUMS ....

More drums .... excitement reaches its peak. that all ....... you're thinking.    YES.
I had to convince my husband that this would work.
When your mold is perfect you can reuse it over and over. By the way the pewter also, just in the pan and melt.

The left is the mold and the right is the flat mold just to put pressure during casting process. When you don't like a flat item you can also make a mold on the right side. But this one only has a pouring hole.

There are two slots in the left mold. Make sure the slots goes upwards. These are made to release the air. During pouring the pewter, the air has to get out somewhere !!

As you can see the pewter stopped at the release beginning. Now you have to cut off the pouring hole of your item.
I could use this one as a knife. Lets see how sanding works out on pewter.
Next time I try a scissors. I have to carve very precisely because you see every detail in pewter.

I'm glad I was able to convince my husband and some of my readers also I hope.