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vrijdag 16 augustus 2013

Recycling old material for pewter casting.

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When I was reading the story of Elizabeth's gorgeous garage findings, I wondered about our garage. What will I find there ?? To be honest....I already know. Material to use for recycling.

Since my son moved out to live his own life we started to look around and realized that our house needed some inspection. The seams of the house were in a poor condition. My husband started to remove  all the seams.

Before winter starts all the seams should be in the house again. Meanwhile my hobby space has to wait.

I'm a bit restless at the moment. So I need to create something. I remembered I loved tin/pewter casting. I can do this without hobby space. I only need material to work with. I made a mold in plaster.

Now I had to find some tin. My husband told me to look in the garage there should be tin for solder.

He also told me to use the gas burner. I asked him if he was sure that this would work. I remembered to melt the tin in a little saucepan. But okay....I give it a try.

That didn't work out. I scared the tin. It became all small spheres.
Preparing dinner I used a can of tomato paste. That could become my saucepan !!

So I talked with my husband about the can. He went into the garage. A few hours later he came back with a safe burner to melt tin or silver.

He found a handle for the can. With rivets he placed the handle on the can.

He made a paper mold to produce a safe support for the saucepan. The support is made out of one piece of aluminium.

It fits perfect together.

He placed it on the denatured alcohol burner from a raclette.

I know you can buy a set for pewter casting but this works two ways. It's a steady thing and it cleans out the garage a little. 
Instead of bringing new stuff in he used old stuff from the garage.

Now I'll try to make a pair of scissors.

Have a nice weekend and I wish my pair of scissors can be shown soon.


14 opmerkingen:

  1. Hello Dorien! I think that you have found so hidden treasures in your garage after all! How perfectly Marvelous to repurpose bits and pieces that you found there to make a necessary tool so that you can make your scissors! I am so impressed with you and your husbands ingenuity! Well done and I hope to see the scissors for your sewing room, very soon!


  2. Hi Elizabeth,
    You find hidden China in your garage! I only find material. LOL
    I'm a bit nervous about the technique. Will it work. Pour the hot tin in the little mold without burning myself.
    To be continued.
    Hugs Dorien

  3. Hi Dorien, such a handy husband you have! He seems to be able to make anything! I am so curious to see how you are going to make a pair of sissors this way....keep us informed with lots of clearifying pictures :-)
    Have a nice weekend, hugs Liduina

    1. Hi Liduina,
      I'm curious also. Maybe it doesn't work out the way I think. But as you know I also put my mistakes on the blog. ;-)
      Hugs Dorien

  4. Una pieza estupenda, felicidades a su esposo, pues le ha quedado fantástico el cazo par ala fundición, espero ver pronto sus tijeras, feliz fin de semana:-)

  5. Hello Dorian,
    I love adventurous artists! the burner set up is great. I know you will manage to make perfect scissors and cannot wait to see them.
    Big hug,

    1. Hi Giac,
      I just visited your blog. I love to see the progress of your dollhouse and your house at the moment. ;-)
      You're doing a great job and I keep you informed about my "stupid" ideas.
      Wish everything goes well with your mum.
      Hugs Dorien

  6. Hello Dorien,
    I apologize. I was going to explain the shellac on my last post but completely mind is not concentrating lately. I use shellac flake. they come in various colors and I like the amber ones. I had to order them online.
    You put the shellac flakes in alcohol, I think I put 1 part flakes for 8 parts alcohol, but you can out more. I use 99% isopropanol. the alcohol has to have a high percentage because it needs to evaporate.
    I let the mix sit for 2 weeks so the flakes dissolve.
    When the floor is done and sanded, I use a wide natural hare brush and paint the shellac over the floor. You have to be fast and not go over the same area twice, or else there will be lines that build up thicker. Next, let it dry for 25 minutes When dry I use 0000 steel wool and gently rub it. I reapply and rub 1, 2, or 3 times. Because I use amber flakes each layer makes the floor more yellow. I finally let the floor dry 24 hours, then go over with floor wax, then I install it in the house. Let me know if you have any questions, and again I apologize for taking so long to answer you.
    Big hug,

  7. Dear Giac,

    Thank you very much for your answer !! I appreciate this very much ! It means a lot to me. I only remembered that I had to buy those flakes 30 years ago. My father used it for repairing a very old table. It was a very nice table after he restored it. I only remembered that he didn't want us to disturb him during this job.
    My father died 22 years ago and when I was reading your blog all came back again.
    I realized that I couldn't ask my father for advise. The shellac gives the wood an amazing color. I like to use this old technique for my next flooring project and maybe for other wooden projects. Again thank you very much for sharing this with me!
    Big hugs Dorien.

  8. That is so smart, Dorien. Thank you for sharing! I pinned you too in my folder Miniature Tutorials on Pinterest. Hope you don't mind. Mini hugs, Natalia

  9. Thank you Natalia! Your embroidery pattern has to wait a little while. I'm busy with all kind of things. But I let you know by blog when I start!
    Big hugs Dorien :-)

  10. Hello Dorien!
    I like your experiments. I'm the same.
    Unfortunately miniature tin can be molded under pressure only.
    I made icon from the tin. Now I have a big tin ingot. lol
    This page is still one of the experimenter -
    He made a pair of scissors made ​​of tin from the computer cover.
    Regards, Jack

  11. Dear Jack,
    Thanks for sharing the page!! What a nice pair of scissors.
    I have to finish my experiment but my molds are disappeared. My husband told me to mold under pressure also. I love your input.
    Thank you for your advise!
    Hugs Dorien