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dinsdag 14 mei 2013

Wax my grandfather clock 1:12

Time flies. It slips through my fingers. The bedroom of my son is almost empty. Then we can reorganize the room.
But the last few days we had another problem that needs to be solved immediately.

There was a little wild rabbit hiding in our garden. It was eating from my plants.
That I couldn't tolerate. But what is the best way to get it out of the garden.
When we went outside it ran away and was hiding under plants. Today Frans took out the water hose.
The rabbit didn't like the water that was running down his hiding place. So he took of.
Frans  barricaded the back of the garden to prevent the rabbit from coming back. There has to be finer netting in the back of the garden. This problem must be solved before working on my hobby space.

A few weeks ago we went to Eindhoven to a shop with miniatures. I got a gift coupon that I could spent at Verspaget.
There was a kit with a Simon Willard tall case clock with dial and pendulum 180 x 50 x 30 mm.

I love this clock. So I bought it with the coupon.

I couldn't wait to unpack it. It's from Mini Mundus and the first kit I bought. It's not complicated to build it up.

So far so good. First we had to paint the clock. I like to use cherry stain. We had some left over stain from our kitchen so we can use that for the clock.

Next thing I want to do is putting wax on the stain. I like wax because I think that fits into the time.
But what is the easiest way to put the wax on to these small parts? I have to give it a good rub.

Humm...I'm rather lazy than tired. 

Aha !! The electric toothbrush. 

I collect the worn toothbrushes and they come in handy for this kind of jobs.
The electric toothbrush is gentle and fits perfect in all the hard to reach areas.
Now I have a wax toothbrush which I will be using for only waxing. 

The electric part is in the bathroom again without this toothbrush. I like to brush with toothpaste instead of wax.
To be continued.

12 opmerkingen:

  1. Hello Dorien,
    I am glad you got rid of the uninvited guest in the garden...silly rabbit. The clock is beautiful. Great work! I think was always brings a piece of furniture to life.
    Big hug.

    1. Thanks Giac. I think the same way. Wax looks more natural.
      Hugs Dorien

  2. Hello Dorien, such a funny story about the rabbit in your garden. Hopefully he will try and find a nice green lawn somewhere else :-)

    You put a beautiful kit together and did a good job; such a lovely clock! I never thought of rubbing miniature wood with an electric toothbrush; how clever!

  3. Thanks Liduina.
    That rabbit was a real problem but it's solved at the moment.
    That rubbing is a hard job for me. So using the toothbrush is handy for a few items like this.
    Hugs Dorien

  4. Je klok ziet er prachtig uit. Ik heb voor het eerst een kit gekocht van Mini Mundus n.l. een piano. Ik hoop dat het me gaat lukken. De tip om de wax met de electrische tandenborstel is een hele handige :)

    Groetjes Xandra

    1. Hoi Xandra,
      Die electrische tandenborstel werkt perfect voor deze kleine dingen.
      Succes met je piano Mini Mundus geeft er een goede uitleg bij. Zelfs ik snapte het. ;-)
      Groetje Dorien

  5. Nou Dorien, ik hoop dat je ongewenste gastje begrepen heeft dat hij in een ander restaurantje moet gaan eten, hihihi ;)! Maar je kunt hem beter niet in je tuin laten blijven, heb je zelf niets meer over om van te genieten!
    Wat grappig dat jij ook de electrische tandenborstel voor wax-gebruik hebt ontdekt, ik ook :D! Maar een beetje wax op je eigen tanden geeft wel een stralende glimlach, hè, ook leuk ;)?! Neu hoor, geintje!
    Een fijne tweede Pinksterdag toegewenst! Liefs, Ilona

    1. Hahaha Ilona.Dat beestje heeft ons wel even bezig gehouden.
      Ik poets zelf mijn tanden niet electrisch hoor. Gewoon ouderwets zelf rondjes draaien.
      Mijn zoon wilde ook niet meer electrisch poetsen dus die is blijven liggen. Nu kan ik het voor mijn hobbie gebruiken.
      Weet jij nog andere toepassingen?
      Jij ook een fijne twee Pinksterdag.
      Knuffel Dorien

  6. were I live the farmers usually plant more beacause they figure some of the animals will eat the plants Im glad you solved your problem and your clock is wonderful!


  7. Dear Marisa,
    When I had a farm I probably would do the same. But I have a little flower garden.Thank you for your compliment.
    Hugs Dorien

  8. Dorien, there is nothing worse than an animal eating from your garden. I planted tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots and each morning I see some traces, but can't figure out who left them, :(((

    1. Dear Natalia,
      Our animal left excreta. So we could figure out what animal it was.
      Hugs Dorien