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Hierbij wil ik Petra bedanken want dankzij haar geweldige site,, ben ik met de bouw van mijn poppenhuis begonnen.

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maandag 6 augustus 2012

The hand drill of my father in law.

First a welcome to my new followers. I'm happy to see that there are more people who likes to make little things.
I was so happy that I inherited the hand drill from my father in law. That was the only thing I really wanted. I thought that thing can become handy for working on my doll house.
I don't know whether these hand drills are for sale these days. Maybe secondhand.
My husband saw me struggle with the paper and a needle in a cork. He wondered what I was doing. I explained the story of

After a lot of thinking he made me a new machine. This makes rolling up the paper a lot easier.  Voila this is the construction.

Needle, cork, hand drill and vice. When you put these things together the rolling up of paper goes a lot easier.

Now I place pictures of all the things separate. 

You put the needle into the cork and then you place it into the hand drill.

Then you place the cork down to the hand drill. Now you can see the eye of the needle which I cut the top off. Between that you can place your paper strip and roll it on.

This is the hand drill. On the left is the place to put the drills inside but now Frans put the needle inside.

This is my little vice. 
When you put these things all together you get a machine to make paper rolls!!!

Frans is demonstrating how it works. What a wonderful husband. This makes it easy for me to roll the paper.  I was acting like a clown to make that rolls. Every time the roll flipped out of my hands or the paper went another way then supposed.

Now you only have to navigate the paper to the cork.

And turn the wheel of the hand drill. This is an easy way to make a roll of paper for the little things we make for the doll house.

As you can see there are four rolls ready. Now I have to cut paper to make the rolls. And my experience with making marble of wood I guess I need a lot of rolls because I have to make enamel of paper. It's a lot of fun to learn all those techniques you need for a doll house. What I like the most is sharing my experiences with my followers and I hope you can use some of the things my husband and I accomplice. I also likes to thank  and
They inspired me and Kris does a lot with paper and Giac has an amazing doll house. I also like to read the blog of and from and this person I like because she's a friend that makes wonderful beats .

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Now that is a clever idea, I do sometimes see hand drills at antique fairs or secondhand shops, now you make me think, I am sure there are other things one can do with a hand drill.

    1. Yes I was so happy I got the hand drill. Since MS came into my life I can't use tools that are electric. I'm happy I make you think.I published your blog into my post and I do hope you don't mind me mention your blog.

  2. Hello Dorien,
    What a wonderul idea, I never would of thought of that one. The rolls turned out great...hum...this technique has A LOT of possibilities...Thank you for sharing the idea and the great instructions. Thank you for you kind comment and an even bigger thank you for inspiring me!
    Big hug to you and Frans,

  3. You're welcome Giac.
    Thanks to you and others who inspired me. I want to do something back. This is the only way I can do that at the moment.
    So I will share my ideas to inspire others. I'm glad to get nice reactions from you and others.
    That's my drive to go on with my blog and quit playing games on facebook....;-)
    Now I am going to hug Frans and see his reaction...LOL.
    Lots of love

  4. Hi Dorien, of course I don't mind you mentioning my blog, we are all here to inspire and help one another.